WHAT not TO EAT in Italy

What NOT to eat in Italy

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We, Italians are very fussy about our food. We, ideally would like the entire world to understand all out golden rules in the kitchen: what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat and what not to mix when you eat Italian food.

Our guest from Tuscany, Samuele Socci, has been asked to list the “Food Crime” foreigners make, which is all the mistakes one should not make when you eat Italian food. A classic mistake, for example, is NOT to add parmesan on a fish dish! Lot of people do it and even Italians sometimes do it. Cappuccino combined to savory food is also not understood in Italy, not to mention the time of the day you are not supposed to drink cappuccino. Check out the full interview to see what else is not allowed.

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