The Lingo Lady Show

South Africa's wackiest language entertainment show. Lingo School, Capetown.

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My name is Federica and I am the director and the teacher at Lingo Language School in Cape Town, in South Africa. I have always loved teaching languages in a humorous way to make the learning more fun. Very often I have been told by my students I should record my lessons or create some videos so more people can benefit of my teaching and my humor.

The Lingo Lady Show was born with the idea of teaching some Italian in an entertaining way through videos. The idea was NOT to create a full language course but a bunch of short clips with some fun lessons on how to sound Italian, or not to sound Italian, on the meaning of certain Italian expressions like “Allora” or “Pronto” or how to swear o understand when Italians swear at you. Basically a show not just about the language but also about the culture and the food and fashion and much more…

Once I started recording some Italian clips, I decided to apply the same format for other languages as well, like English, French, Spanish and German. I want non South Africans to also learn some Afrikaans or African languages like Xhosa. I don’t speak all these languages myself but I like the idea of learning with the audience and show the learning process, so everybody can be part of it and help out.

Fun is the common denominator together with forgiveness. Mistakes are part of the learning and if we don’t forgive ourselves for not speaking perfectly, we will never learn the right way!

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