Italian food and Sex


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When you start learning  Italian vocabulary about  FOOD, you may end up putting yourself in a quite embarrassing situation, by making a language faux-pas and end up talking about SEX, when you only want to talk about Italian fruit and vegetables, for example. There are some vegetables, in the Italian language, like Potatoes – PATATE – which have another meaning when used in the singular. LA PATATA is of course “the potato” but it also refers to the female genital. The same thing happens with the peas – PISELLI – , used in the singular, IL PISELLO  referring to the male genital. On the other hand, some fruit in the plural, like LE PERE – pears – and I MELONI – melons – can also be used to refer to female breasts.

This video is about all these faux-pas and many more. I am almost tempted to suggest to stay away from fruit and vegetables in general when you speak Italian.



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