How to irritate Italians in 10 words

How to irritate Italians in 10 words - Part 1

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How to irritate Italians in 10 words – Part 2

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If you are an English speaking person, it is quite difficult to learn any language derived from Latin. Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese all have quite an elaborated grammatical structure, each with a few challenges when it comes to pronunciation as well.
If you choose to go for Italian, bear in mind that one of the biggest challenges for you is the correct pronunciation of our vowels. To explain to my students how careful they must be the Italian vowels, I  have introduced:
the hashtag #respectthevowels
Do you know that 90% of the Italian words end in vowels? If you wish to say “please” in Italian and you try with “POR FAVOR”, you have made your first mistake. Why would you speak Spanish in Rome? Now that you know, you must think more and make sure that all the words end with a vowel.
We, Italians, are very aware how difficult it is to learn our language but yet, we get annoyed when foreigners keep on making the same mistakes when they try to speak our language and omit vowels or pronounce them the way they want. A good example, is the translation of “ thank you” in Italian. “Grazie” is pronounced with an EH at the end which needs to be emphasized. To Say “Gra-tzi” and omit the last eh is not correct. To say ‘ Gratziah” is also wrong because E is not A.
In this video, I will list 10 expressions and words that non-Italians often say incorrectly in our language which could easily be fixed. Hope you don’t mind the “Lingo Lady: reprimanding you (of course in a humour way) so that you get traumatised and get over your mistakes quickly.

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