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First pages extracted from the novel “Afritalian”

I would love to know where all these people are coming from and where they are heading. A vaguely beautiful woman distinguished by a masculine sneeze and branded from head to toe, touches expensive bags and she puts them back to the shelf. She hesitates. On the price, on the colour, on the shape, on her needs and on how she will feel after that purchase. She is probably asking herself, unconsciously, with which brand she can tell the world the best about herself. Her husband is worried without showing it. He already knows that, inevitably, his credit card, will feel the hit of that indulgence.

Two meters away, a couple of teenagers are fondling each other. Her syrupy sweet eyes are intensely searching to meet his reassuring gaze. They are young, but they do not know it.

Their love makes them feel mature and ready to face the rest of their lives together. They are unaware of their fragility and their destiny. Who knows, maybe one day they’ll meet in a supermarket, each with their respective life partners and children, without a word exchanged they will reminisce about their love. They will each return home asking themselves how their lives would have turned out if they never left that ancient bridge, whose colour was as vivid as a Sicilian orange.

A girl with a rather tired dress and a cumbersome body is reading whilst eating or eating whilst reading, I am uncertain about which is the main action and which is the supportive.

Is she getting lost in those intriguing pages while she devours that attractive sandwich? Or is the sandwich the main recipient of that pleasure whilst she pretends reading? I’m not sure, but she is concentrating so hard that it takes a number of attempts for the sandwich to reach her mouth successfully and when it happens she looks as if she found heaven!

Seated on a rather uncomfortable looking seat, is a middle-aged dapper man who is clearly not in the mood to waste any time. Technology is keeping him company as his pinstriped suit reinforces his serious businessman façade. I reckon he is British. Everything is working and connected. He’s finally figured out how the wireless connection works and how to access the hundreds of work emails that he does not want to read.

One can see he does not want to be here and he is thinking of a woman. He is distracted as he hides an attempt of sadness. Maybe he has just returned from an extraordinary experience and is now preparing himself mentally for the onslaught of his rather bleak reality.
Waiting while sat at a plastic table, is a man who feels like a boy. With the left side of his body is sipping his cappuccino as with his right side he firmly clutches a bunch of flowers. He could easily lay the flowers on the table but he prefers holding them in his hand, knowing his lover will arrive shortly. He looks awkward but he doesn’t seem to notice that or he is unperturbed by it.

Then there are hundreds of other people running, stopping, grabbing, pushing and embracing and amongst all of them there is me, another traveller in transit, feeling much like one of the animals being herded onto Noah’s ark.

Please email Federica if you would like to find out more about this novel.

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