Interview with a Lingo Student Katherine-Mary Pichulik

Learn Italian Lingo Student Kate-Pichulik

Lingo Student Kate-Pichulik

Q: Ciao Kate! Would you like to introduce yourself and say what you do and what made you start learning Italian?

A: I am a jewelry designer, I have a brand called PICHULIK. I chose to learn Italian before I went on a residency to Italy. I have always been inspired by Italian culture especially their designers such as Marni, MuicciPrada, Missoni and hope to collaborate with one of this heritage fashion brands in the future.

Q: Why did you choose Lingo school and how was your learning experience?
A: Because it was contemporary, dialogue focused and convenient. Also through multiple referrals.

Q: How did you feel when you went to Italy for the first time after taking Italian lessons, comparing to the times you went before?
A: I felt I had a toolkit of words I could work together to manage myself sufficiently in Italy. It meant I was able to make my way around Italy comfortably whilst communicating freely.

Q: Name a regional Italian dish you tried and loved!
A: Bistecca Fiorentina, an amazing T bone steak served with fresh rocket and parmesan.

Q: What is the word you heard the most when you were in Italy?
A: Allora

Q: What Italian word do you find the most difficult to pronounce?
A: asciugamano = towel

Q: Have you ever fallen in love with an Italian man or at least wished for?
A: Yes I had a love affair with one in Italy when I was last there. Love Italian men- they are so generous in so many ways.

Q: What is your favourite Italian spot in Cape Town?
A: Il leone and The Cousins trattoria. My favourite pizza is from Ferdinando’s

Q: What would you suggest to any of my current students?
A: Immerse yourself in Italian culture when learning the language. Watch Italian movies, listen to Italian songs, eat Italian food and hang out with Italians. Let each pore of your being absorb the culture and its sounds.


You may have the universe if I may have Italy
Giuseppe Verdi