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English Testimonials


Learning language doesn’t always have to be in a classroom. I had fun learning Via Skype.


Mega 2016

Grazie, Fede for a fantastic experience learning Italian. I’m looking forward to continuing next year. Buone Feste!

Wynter 2016


Innovative, out the box, exciting new way of learning Italian. Federica not only teaches you the heart of the language -verbs, pronunciations and vocabulary but also the soul of Italian – traditions, nuances and the very essence that makes Italian the language you want to learn PRONTO”

Nadia 2011

I just want to say thank-you for an amazing fun class, and Fede for all the hard work and enthusiasm. Thanks so much for everything!

Kate 2015


Ciao Fede! Tutto bene! Italia molto bellisima! Mangio pizza, pasta, pane, corneti. I am loving it! Using everything you taught me! Grazie mille.

Chiara 2015


Hi Federica,
Thank you for the great lessons and the effort you make in making it interesting for us to learn Italian!
Helen 2016


You are so special: Italian remains the highlight of my week, even when I am looking grumpy and half asleep!

Peter 2014



I am really glad that I spotted your website earlier this year – it’s been such a pleasure learning Italian especially the way you teach it – in such an engaging and fun way, but also constructively. So that one indeed learns to understand the language.

Derek 2013

lingo learn italian cape townDear Federica, I just love your energy, and your professionalism! Congratulations on a great approach to life and your relational skills.

Ingrid 2012

I am THOROUGHLY enjoying our class – what a great group of people and most importantly what a GREAT teacher!!!

Sam 2012

Ciao Fede
I trust you are doing well. It has been a great pleasure doing classes for a while with Lingo and you are one of the best teachers I’ve come across.


Moeketsi 2016

You are great and your classes are wonderful. Keep going, you make such a difference in people’s lives. Its beautiful to experience.


Andrea 2016

Ciao Fede, Volevo solo dire grazie mille per tutto quest’anno, sei una persona speciale, e un insegnante dedicata! Apprezzo quello che fai per me, grazie Fede.

Kevino 2012


I have heard you are the best Italian teacher in town so I don’t want to miss you!!

Pauline 2012


Thank you so so so so much Fede for everything. It really has been great. You are a great teacher!

Amber 2014

Student Lingo Language School Cape Town

Grazie per la lezione. Mi è piaciuto! (had to look that one up). I love the manner in which you bring the Italian language to us.

Eric 2014



Dear Federica, I really enjoyed yesterday evening’s class and found your practical conversational approach very valuable. Thank you. Penso che tu offri un’ approccio unico allo studio della lingua!

Paddy 2014


I’m truly grateful for everything that you have taught me thus far, as I know without you, I would not have wanted to learn this much.You’ve provided the necessary tools for me to “quasi” communicate with other Italians on a level that they may not think I’m retarded.Your motivation, drive and determination, combined with patience has really helped me so much, and made me want to succeed. Thank you.

Juanita 2013


On behalf of the Cape Royale team, we would like to convey our gratitude towards the Cape Royale hotel for this great opportunity that was given to us. Amongst others, Miss Federica and the HR team from Cape Royale. Miss Frederica, you have been fantastic with us and always been patient, to the very last lesson. We can now have a conversation with our Italian guests and it really feels great. We really have all the respect and love for you. You have been with us from the very first lesson. You are a good person with a kind heart and we hope to see you again in the future. You truly have made a difference in our lives. Go well, and don’t forget about us.

The Cape Royale Team 2011


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