Who is Federica?

Federica Marchesini, originally from Verona – the Italian city of Romeo and Juliette, has been living in Cape Town for 18 years. She has a twin sister who lives in the UK. The rest of her family is still in Verona – which she visits annually.

Federica founded her own language school “LINGO” in Cape Town in 2007 after being a language student herself for quite a few years. Federica decided to create an unconventional way of learning/teaching where fun and conversation are more important than grammar.

Federica speaks Italian, English, French, Spanish and German.

Federica is a very creative person. When she’s not teaching languages, she writes; she collects words and expressions she particularly likes; she makes all types of creative things with her hands (birthday cards, lamps, decos) and she entertains – a lot!

I Love Italy Community Meetup

I Love Italy

Federica loves bringing the Italian community in Cape Town together and is often organising cultural events.

Even though Federica is Italian, she is not famous for her culinary skills. Yet, her “risotto con la salsiccia” seems to be a hit, even for her “fussy” Italian friends.

If you wish to read further about this Italian lady, click on Meet the Author and feel free to contact her for any feedback or comments.

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Word of the Month: Chi dorme non piglia pesci – Those who sleep don’t catch any fish