Lingo Italian Reward Program

Join Lingo School in 2020 and get REWARDED with points at the end of your course.

What are my rewards?

All hard work is rewarded. So if you qualify to the final draw, you stand the chance to win some of these FREEBIES at the end of your course.

  • Private lesson
  • Coffee in town with the teachervespa
  • Ticket for an Italian movie
  • Various Italian gadgets
  • Vespa ride in town
  • Italian books
  • Free attendance to workshops
  • Discounts on future courses

How do I earn rewards?

You earn rewards by EXCELLING in your Italian learning venture. So we encourage you to “learn the extra mile” and show commitment and visible progress.

  • Doing your homework regularly
  • Learning new words every daypencil
  • Bookmark your online dictionary
  • Download and progress on DUOLINGO app
  • Following an Italian Youtube Channel
  • Attending a Movie Night
  • Attending Friday Night Social
  • Attending Cooking classes
  • Playing Bingo in Italian
  • Going on an Italian holiday
  • Reading lots of Italian
  • Doing online exercises
  • Practicing your writing skills