Build your own package

How the COMBO package works

  • The COMBO Italian course consists of 20 lessons of  80 minutes with the teacher (in-class and out-of-class) and minimum extra 20 hours allocated to self study (at-home)
  • You can choose to attend the classes once a week or twice a week, according to your needs and your commitments.You have 15 weeks to complete your course. The course starts on Monday 23 January and ends on Friday 14 May 2017.
  • All classes are suitable for Beginners and Intermediate students and will be alternated in the week on the following days:
    • Monday at 17h20 -18h30
    • Wednesday at 17h50 – 19h00
    • Thursday at 17h30 – 19h40
  • More Advanced classes will be held on:
    • Monday at 18h30 – 19h40
  • Refer to the Lingo calendar for a detailed allocation of lessons in the week and throughout the semester (from end of January to end of May 2016) so you can choose the classes you wish to attend according to your preferences. (All lessons will be uploaded on the calendar mid January.
  • Each lesson is independent to the other and you will learn different aspect of the language and improve different skills. You can be a Beginner wanting to learn more Advanced stuff or an Intermediate wanting to review your basics. The benefit is that you will learn what you want and not what you have to.
  • Lessons will be taught mainly in Italian  with English used to explain technical tasks and grammar will be mixed with conversation and a lot of mock situations, to keep your learning practical and fun. Here some examples of Lingo lessons.
  • Parallel self learning at home will be part of the course and tasks will be requested to be completed out of the school time as part of the school work. This way, your learning will become a lifestyle.
  • Reward program applied and updated weekly with prizes and discounts.

How your WALLET is affected

  • School Kit Enrollment FEE: R500 to be paid on enrollment day and not refundable. It allows you to secure your spot and to start your course, organised. It includes:
    • access to all school manuals
    • a small Italian – English dictionary
    • A4 Notebook with dividers
    • a set of highlighters
  • Combo package all levels :
    • R 2100 (for ± 40 lessons learning : 20 lessons of 80 minutes with teacher and at least 20 hours at home) to be paid by the 15 January 2017
    • 2 Installment option offered of R 1200 each, to be paid in 2 consecutive months. (first by the 15 January and second by end of February 2017)
    • R 1950 for full payment before 6 January 2017
  • Referral discount – you qualify for a 10% to 20% discount* if you bring a brand new** student to register.

20% applies to full payment option and 10% to installment option.
** No past or current Lingo students


Make your wish to LEARN ITALIAN true by enrolling now and secure your spot.