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Short Course in Italian – Grammar and Exercise Manual 2019


  • Buy the solutions and translations in English of all the 37 exercises (*soon to come)
  • Buy the AUDIO VERSION of the manual for self-study (*soon to come)

If you are planning to learn Italian before going to Italy on holiday, here is the best LANGUAGE MANUAL for you.

Why you should order Your Lingo manual now

  • Easy Grammar: simple explanation of the major grammar rules
  • Practical examples: things you would say when you are in Italy
  • Mock situations: sentences you would use when you travel
  • Fun dialogues: practice with real and useful dialogues
  • Vocabulary injection: lots of useful words about holiday/ travel/ day life
  • Extensive food section: learn how to order and talk about food
  • South Africans references: lots of lingo about South African and South African language in the translation
  • Manual is suitable for Beginners & Intermediate students

PRICE: R 200

Email Federica to buy your copy.


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I am really glad that I spotted your website earlier this year – it’s been such a pleasure learning Italian especially the way you teach it – in such an engaging and fun way, but also constructively. So that one indeed learns to understand the language.